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 Prop Hunt Change Logs [3/29/18]
Posted: 03-29-2018, 06:13 PM

[Image: maxresdefault.jpg]

This is just a small update to add some extra features to the Prop Hunt server that our other servers currently have. These changes will take effect after the next restart (apart from the donation perks.)

  • Added "Round Notifier". This will work the same way as it does on our TTT servers. Basically if you're tabbed out your GMOD client icon will start flashing, as well as making a beep noise to notify you that the round has started or you've loaded onto the server after a mapchange.
  • Added a popup for users to join the steamgroup upon connecting to the server.
  • Added the reporting system that the TTT servers have. This will make things easier on staff.
  • Added new donation perks. Visit if you're interested in donating.
  • Updated Anti-Cheat

 Minecraft TTT Patch Notes [3/24/18] - Update D24-1v1
Posted: 03-23-2018, 07:24 PM

[Image: Zcvnajx.jpg]

This is a small update that fixes a bug that are found on the MCTTT server. The server will have to restart in order for the changes to take place.

  • Awarn automatic banning and kicking is disabled as it would use warns from other servers.
  • Implemented some features in preparation for a new special rounds system. 
  • Removed new betting system and replaced with old one due to a bug.
  • Removed hermes boots due to a bug.
  • Added some custom ULX commands for staff.
  • Reduced download times. 

 Notice for the Forums
Posted: 03-20-2018, 06:45 PM

Recently, we have seemingly lost 300+ members from our server. The reason why we lost that many members is because we deleted bot accounts that had yet to be removed in the last mass removal. Expect some more member count drops in the near future. If your account has been deleted please immediately contact Reeb either through PMs or Discord to get your account rebuilt. If this happened to you, all your posts and threads would have been removed, but we will try our best to return your account to what it looked like before the purge. We apologize for any inconvience you may have faced if this happened. 

Thank you for playing on Smithtainment!

 DarkRP Change Logs [3/2/18] - Update D3-2v4
Posted: 03-02-2018, 11:36 PM

[Image: kSuwNph.jpg]
Change Logs:

  • Bitcoin Miner added as a good way to get money legally. Please read the rules to make sure that you understand this new job better.
  • Pianist Added. Allows the user to spawn in and use a piano. This is a good way to get tips from users and lighten up public areas.
  • Parkourist Added. This is more of a fun role. You cannot raid with this class, but you can show off your parkour skills to others.
  • Added a new game room in the spawn. It will not be spawn protected as technically RP occurs in this area.
  • New Chess and Checkers minigames.
  • New Slot Machines added to the games room. You gamble your money and get really lucky and get millions, or turn up broke. Good Luck!
  • The starting cash is now 15K.
  • Cake Anticheat was updated.
  • Terminals were removed since they were broken.
  • New SWEPs were added to prepare for new job additions.
  • Hitman system updated

 Notice for Modded Minecraft TTT
Posted: 02-28-2018, 07:00 PM

[Image: Zcvnajx.jpg]

This is probably the worst news that we have ever had to release on behalf of the Modded Minecraft TTT server. After the new update to Garry's Mod, a series of unfortunate events followed one after the other to lead to the big problem we now have. Here's what happened.

After the February 26th Garry's Mod update, which fixed a lot of bugs, serious issues started to occur on our TTT servers including lag and problems with the pointshop. To date, we have always kept our information such as Bans, Pointshop, and Player Scores on SQLite, which is a local database stored on all of our servers. After this update, all of our data on the servers was inaccessible, and we began migrating to SQL, which is stored on our web servers.

When the data for the MCTTT pointshop was uploaded today at around 5 PM, Pointshop returned an error and was unable to load our data. This could have meant two things, either pointshop was broken or our data was corrupted. When we tried a fresh new database, the worst was realized. All of our data for pointshop was corrupted, and unless we sifted through thousands of lines of code, is was unretrievable as well. To hopefully aid in the process, we will try to maintain support for those who donated. Also, if a staff member remembers what other items you have, we will also take that as proof of ownership. Otherwise, we will have to start fresh, as a community. We are terribly sorry for any inconveniences this may have on our user base, and we will try our best to not let this ever happen again.

~The Development Team

 DarkRP Change Logs [2/28/18]
Posted: 02-28-2018, 11:29 AM

[Image: pRdadP8.jpg]

  • Money Printers tweaked.
  • Stacker tool limited due to users abusing it.
  • Tier II printers renamed so the words fit on the hud.
  • Rules page tweaked (I would look at it)
  • Mayor elections updated.

 DarkRP Change Logs [2/27/18]
Posted: 02-27-2018, 12:39 PM

[Image: gLQWSzu.jpg]

  • Diamond and Emerald Money Printers are now available to all users.
  • VIP and VIP + members now have access to Tier II printers. They have more storage for paper and print higher denominations. Tier II printers have purple stars to distinguish them from normal printers. Anyone can steal a Tier II printer.
  • All printers now print $5 more every five seconds to make them a more viable way to make money.
  • The prices of printers that are above diamond were lowered to make them more balanced.

 DarkRP Change Logs [2/25/18]
Posted: 02-25-2018, 04:30 AM

[Image: IcOqTvJ.jpg]

With less than a day after release, its hard to believe that the first change logs are being released, but here's what changed since release! Some of these changes occurred before the release time, but I thought I would include them (no because I forgot when we did what).

  • The bloods and crips now have raiding tools. The thief job also now has the keypad cracker.
  • The Mesa 3 is no longer purchasable in the car dealer. It is now sold by the emergency car dealer as a Military Only Jeep.
  • Mechanics were added to the map. Players do not need to worry about totaled cars being stuck.
  • A new northern gas station was added in the slums section.
  • Fixed the chat tags, they now have neat animations.
  • Report feature fixed, players should now use !report to report. Players can then rate how the staff member did.
  • Nerfed the Meth selling price (Thanks Winter for showing us that one)
  • Removed the Jeep from the F4 menu. I have no idea why that was there. Still keeping the seat for those that like to make vehicular monstrosities.
  • Kill feed removed. Prevents people from breaking roleplay (Cops would want just for kill logs).
  • Removed wiremod because of the massive amounts of exploits and crashes that would occur otherwise.
  • Fixed the random bug that caused the prop limit from spamming. (Thanks F-Admin!)
  • All users now have access to make ARC bank accounts.
Known Issues:
  • Some players cannot see voting box (I think I fixed it but I will leave this here)
  • Players get a random crashing bug when the mayor elections are finished
  • Players can still find giant props (Not all blocked yet!)
  • Dog has script errors in the information tag
  • Baker has recipe errors.

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