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Dingus Mod application

- What is your Steam ID and Steam Name?
Dingus301 STEAM_0:1:104865822

- Why do you want to be a moderator on our server?
When I see people breaking the rules, it always annoys me, and I start to ask for mods to get on and help handle it. I always think to myself "If I was a Mod, I wouldn't need to disturb people's days by asking to kick/ban someone". I would really like to be able to discipline without disturbing anyone else. I can be subtle when I know I need to as well, and I rarely ever break the rules. I would just really love to help out with my favorite Gmod server to play on.

- Why should we pick you over other applicants?
I feel like I would take my job seriously and if people ask for a mod, as long as i have the ability to log on, I would try my best to get on as quickly as possible and handle the situation. I am very respectful person and I would have patience with people causing trouble.

- How many hours do you have on our server? 
As of writing this application: 1 week and 22 hours

- Are you familiar with ULX commands? Please provide an example.
!gag (player name) 

- Are you familiar with the warning system on our server? Please provide an example.
Yes- Rdm of T is 2 warns. Attempt rdm and leave is 2 warns. Mic spam is one warn. Rdm of detective and leave is 3 warns.

- Do you have any history of moderating in the past? If yes, why did you leave that position, and what was the most challenging part of it?
No, this will be my first time.

- What time zone do you live in?

- How old are you?
14 years old

- How many hours a day can you dedicate to moderating?
On average, 1-3 hours

- Do you have good communication skills?
Yes, I am very confident when I speak to other people.

- Do you have a mic?

- Are you able to be contacted throughout random times of the day? If so, how?
As long as it is not school hours, via Discord

- How much experience do you have with TTT and our server rules?
I've played TTT for 3 years and I am well aware of the server rules.

- Are you willing to punish your friends if they break rules? Explain.
Yes. Part of being a mod is showing discipline. No matter who it is, I will warn. I will do my job properly.

- Do you handle frustration / stress well? Explain why.
Depends on the situation. If it is something not to major, I'm perfectly fine. If it is something major, I might worry and get a little angry sometimes, but most times I handle it pretty well.

- How would you respond to fellow staff abusing their powers?
I would get higher ranked staff members online to handle the situation.

- How many warnings, if any, do you have, and for what?
2, Rdm of a T

Hello, Dingus301! Thank you for applying to Smithtainment Gaming! Here are some quick facts and tips that should help you on your way through the application process!
  • Check your SteamID:
    Please make sure that you are using the correct form of your SteamID and that it is actually yours. You can double check using either or You want the SteamID. Here is an example from each site if you are interested. (Click on the image to enlarge...)
    [Image: 9083e092375673677e3d4231f0f3811b.png]
    [Image: e509646458ec50ddd35c19022d9e72a4.png]

  • Give us time! Depending on the server, we may take a day or two to initially respond. Check your application daily to answer any questions, comments, or concerns. Do not spam server staff or global staff to check your application. If an applicant does not respond to our questions in a particular time frame, it will be put at risk of denial. Server staff will normally give a 24-hour time frame before it is denied.
  • Please do not stretch out or exaggerate details to put you in a better light. Answer all questions honestly, and you have a better chance of getting T-Mod.
  • Applicants who are accepted are given the rank of T-Mod. Depending on the server, you may go through an exam and/or go through a trial mod period. After acceptance, you must contact the Head-Admin of your server to get information on how to transition to T-Mod.
  • If your application is denied, and you wish to reapply, then you must wait before applying again. If this is your first application, you must wait a week to apply. If this is your second application, you must wait for another weak to apply. If this is your third application, you must wait a week and gain a staff recommendation before you can apply again. Remember: The week of wait time starts the moment your application is denied. If you post an application before the wait time is up, then you will be immediately denied, and it will count as another application.
  • While you are waiting for your application to be accepted, please do not act as if you are staff on the server. This includes backseat moderation. Trust me, you do not need to prove that you are worthy.
  • Check to make sure that your application is in the right section. If not, please report the thread with a message like "I posted in the wrong section. Can you move it to _______ server", or you can DM a forums staff member.
  • Remain active on the server you wish to apply for. We love seeing active users apply for staff.
  • The following suggestions are to help make your application better:
    • Add color to differentiate the answers from the questions. Use a single color for the questions, and another for the answers.
    • Make your text larger.
    • Add detail but do not add too much. We would like to know more about you, but we do not have the time to read an autobiography.
That is everything you should know when you apply. If you have any further questions, ask a staff member, as they went through the same process as you. Good luck with your application!

Hey Dingus, thanks for applying. I'm really glad that you decided to apply cause you and 2 others are the people I would nominate for Moderator. Now your a great choice for this, but your app needs some touching up on. On more than of these, you can improve the answers by adding a few more words or examples. Take this for example " - Are you familiar with the warning system on our server? Please provide an example.

Yes- Rdm of T is 2 warns. " You can improve this answer by providing more examples like a Prop Kill is one warning etc. Do note that I would recommend that you also improve your answer on the question before that one. It is very helpful to add a Yes or a No so that we as moderators can train you so that you do know how to use them. Its a decent app, just needs some work, and you are a great person on the server. I would absolutely love to give you your first +support.

Best of Luck, Lolz 

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Damn it Willay, always beating me to basically doing my moderating job.

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Hey there, Dingus!

I'm glad you decided to make an application because I strongly believe you are fit for this position. You are very active on the server and I have never had a problem with you. I respect the way you interact with other players as well as the staff. Although, as Lolz stated above, I would recommend you add a little more detail to a few of your questions. Besides that, your application looks great so I will give you a +Support.

I wish you the best of luck!

That's Fruity

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Hey Dingus. Your a good player and we’ve known each other for a bit of time. You are active and seem to know more or less the basic things to bring a staff. There is things to work on but you would make a great tmod. +SUPPORT

StarWarsTTT Staff

With school coming up (or maybe it's already started for you) are you positive you'll have time to dedicate to staffing?

(Yesterday, 11:39 AM)Guushi Wrote:  With school coming up (or maybe it's already started for you) are you positive you'll have time to dedicate to staffing?
I should be able to dedicate at least an hour on 6 days of the week. If I have a lot of homework, I would definitely be able to finish it by 5:00 Pm est, which would allow me to play and dedicate to staffing. So, I should be able to. If there are any problems and I can't log on via an event for school or other stuff, I would be sure to tell you, and if I'm unable to tell you, then another moderator. Nonetheless, odds are, I will be able to staff on the server for some of the day daily.

Thank you for your question and I hope this explains what you asked.

Nothing much to say here since it seems everyone has already asked the questions I wanted to ask. Will say that you have been very active recently and been a wonderful regular with the server. I am also very pleased to see how you fixed up some questions as asked by Lolz and how you responded to Guushi's question. Compared to others you are actually one of the few people I thought might make a good T-mod also. Here's my +Support. Don't let me down.

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[Image: giphy.gif]

It appears that you are taking this application seriously, you've made the changes asked of you and everything looks good. You're an awesome regular who is likes to help everyone who plays. With that being said I'll gladly give you a +support and I hope the best for you.

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