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Closed [MCTTT] Missing Rank Chat Tag

My Admin tag is not appearing before my name in the text chat, and in the voice chat it just shows "[A] Skeke" instead of "[Admin] Skeke".
It's like this since a little bit after my other bug report.

 [Image: giphy.gif][Image: giphy.gif]
"If I knew your address, I would send you an English dictionary fast. I know, dick move right? He'll never understand though how the hell Skeke does his experiments."
"You and your damn minecarts all the time lol"


Report Number: 3911-4

Tracking Updates: Complete... (100%):

We've received your report and are now looking into it.

[Image: Xp5I2xF.png]

Your report has been verified, we will release a patch in the next update.

[Image: Xp5I2xF.png]

A developer has marked this thread as closed. If the problem still persists, please create a new thread regarding the issue.

[Image: Xp5I2xF.png]

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