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[Closed] [MCTTT] Demon round spec bug

When I was in spectator mode and a demon round happened, I was forced out of spectator mode. However, the spec mode box was still checked in settings. After the round ended, I was spectating again.

Special rounds was not made by the creator of the TTT gamemode, so it is unlikely that the developer of special rounds had programmed it to work with the default AFK system. While I will eventually find a fix for this bug, I will put this near the bottom of my list as it is not game breaking, and you return to spectator after the round. I can get it may be kind of a nuisance though, so for the time being, I would bind the kill command to your keyboard.
[Image: Xp5I2xF.png]

A developer has marked this thread as closed. If the problem still persists, please create a new thread regarding the issue.

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