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2 Year Anniversary

As I'm typing this up I keep asking myself how I've made it this far. How have I managed to create a gaming network of wonderful people that has been online for 2 years now with multiple servers the entire time? How have I managed to pull this off? 

I've managed to pull this off because of you guys (the community) and Jade. These 2 reasons are why I've kept going.

This network started October 12th, 2015. I actually purchased the Vanilla TTT server on October 4th 2015 but didn't officially open it until the 12th. Long story short my previous server was shutting down and I was already working on the Vanilla TTT server because I didn't like how things were going in the end and something in my gut was telling me that the server wasn't going to last much longer anyway. After that shut down a good majority of the players came over to my Vanilla server. Kind of shocked me to be honest because a lot of people used to doubt me back then. I used to have some people who hated me from that server for god knows what.

At the time honestly I didn't have a clue that this network would transform into what it has became today. There is so much I want to say guys but I'd honestly have to create a huge timeline of all the events that's happened. I'd basically have to make another network history post. There is just so much things thats happened on this network both good and bad. Maybe some day we will create a timeline but it's going to take us a long time to dig through all the stuff and remember all the things that's happened. There is only a couple people on this network capable of doing that.

Honestly I can't thank you guys enough for making this community what it is today. Without you this wouldn't be possible. I seriously never thought I'd make it this far. I repeat this same phrase so many times but most server owners dream to be able to do this. Hosting servers is hard guys. It takes A LOT of hard dedication. It takes a lot of time out of ur personal life, and believe me, I've taken so much time out of my personal life the past 2 years but I'm not complaining. I've managed to create something great that I'm proud of. Something I will always remember even when I'm older.

It is one of the best feelings I've had in a very long time to see you guys have a place you can call your 2nd home. It may be online but you guys have a place you can play with your friends, meet new people, and even form relationships. I've made so many new friends while doing all this. I've saw kids grow up and become young adults. Look at Reeb. Reeb has been here since he was 15. Reeb is 17 now. I'm most likely going to witness Reeb going to college too. Filter has been here since he was in highschool as a 17 year old. Filter is 19 now. There is other people thats been here for a long time so I'm sorry if I didn't mention you but those 2 are the ones that first came to my mind.

This is probably going to sound really corny but I honestly feel like a father figure to some of you kids. I enjoy knowing that I've been apart of your life. Knowing that I've created something for you to come home after school, college, or work, to relax and play. You could of had a really bad day but come onto this network to play with your friends and suddenly ur day gets better. That is one of the greatest feelings to have. Just knowing that I am capable of helping people cope with depression, sadness, shitty days, etc.

To sum this up guys... thank you. Thank you for making this all possible for me. Thank you for allowing me to keep pushing forward to keep expanding this network. I still have many plans coming for the future. 

For now it's onto the next chapter in this networks timeline. It's time for us to make a 3rd year anniversary happen.

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Gucci's been a good friend to me and has managed to go from being the slutty guy on Josephs TTT to owner of a server network of 4+ quality servers with amazing staff teams. Gucci puts a lot of his time into this network and is very emotionally invested in it. I (and the rest of the staff that's known him for a long time) can attest to him being a really good guy.
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Yeah i've been here for a month or so and its lit
Its going to be a lot more bugger i pressume
If I'm replying to your post that's probably because you said some pretty retarded shit.
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i came here after the fall of jcraft and i've loved every minute of it. Hope this server is around for many more years to come!
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are we like the longest lasting community on gmod?
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2 net bans under my belt coming up
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Modded 24/7 Minecraft TTT Head Admin / Murder Head Admin
Reeb dies in Infinity War.
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I honestly love this server
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Getting those 2.0 badges redy.
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