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The Top 7 ways to get NETBANNED on Smithtainment

1. Advertising an unaffiliated server, website, and network. (Ex: Check out my new server!)
2. Ban Evasion (Ex: Joining a server in which you are currently banned with an alternate account)
3. Fraud/Chargebacks (Ex: Canceling purchase through Paypal after receiving the package)
4. Accessory to a netbanned person (Ex: Assisting in an action that caused a network ban)

5. Purposefully causing network drama with the intentions to harm the network.
6. Repeating an offense that resulted in a previous ban on another network affiliated server. (Ex: After getting banned off Vanilla, the player joins MCTTT and gets banned for the same reason.)
7. Major harm to players and staff (Ex:
Major Staff Disrespect, Pedophilia, Child Pornography, Scamming, etc.)
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