PropHunt Rules

Written by Reeb, FilterShark, and Guushi
Effective immediately (12/16/18)

These rules apply for our WOLVIN PROPHUNT, VANILLA PROPHUNT, CLASSIC PROPHUNT, and EU VANILLA PROPHUNT servers. These rules do not apply for TRUE PROPHUNT

- You CANNOT ghost. This is when you give a hunter any information about the whereabouts of a prop or other information about the ongoing game that the hunter does not originally know.

- You
CANNOT hide in an illegal spot in which a hunter cannot reach or damage without a grenade. If a player cannot be killed without a grenade, such as bullets or a crowbar, the spot is considered ILLEGAL.

- You
CANNOT switch teams intentionally to gain an unfair advantage over other players.

- You
CANNOT use the unstuck command to get outside of the map or get into an illegal spot.

- You
CANNOT use a prop to kill a teammate or an opponent.

Rules are subject to change at any given time without warning. It is up to the server staff team to implement these rules and update their handbook. Penalties will be handled on a server to server basis.

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