Warn appeal
- Neo 76561198064765070

- 1, For ghosting?

- today, 4/5/2020 10:40pm EST

- I wasn't ghosting. all that happened is that i found a stuck player who is a friend of mine and ended up killing. later i thought i saw someone move and used my grenade, the damage killing me then was told not to ghost and got forced onto the other team and warned. I was not ghosting and i doubt my friend was either(OppsAllBerries is my friend and was also warned) this may only be my first warn but i do not like that it was given with no evidence shown to me and by random. NaCl_Sky was also warned for some strange reason. he is also a friend of mine on steam but I also doubt he was ghosting. My only argument for the ghosting warn is if i truly was, I'd have killed more than one prop prior to being warned.

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