Daily Game Key Giveaway
To get the community more involved in things outside of the servers each day I will be randomly game keys daily with a value ranging all the way from $1.00 dollar to $60 dollars+ in value. The keys will be given at random times. It will be a first come first serve type of deal. I will randomly put the game key on ONE of our services each day  at a random time on the forums (shoutbox/posts), the steam group (announcements/steam group comments) and the discord randomly in chat so keep notifications on. I could post it in announcements and ping everyone or I could randomly type it in one of the chats. Who knows Tongue

But yeah, expect a gamekey giveaway each day randomly. Pay attention to our forums, discord, and steam group if you want to win since you'll have to be fast to claim it. If it says it's already in use someone beat you to it.

If you are not in our discord or steam group be sure to join.
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"If I knew your address, I would send you an English dictionary fast. I know, dick move right? He'll never understand though how the hell Skeke does his experiments."
"You and your damn minecarts all the time lol"

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