Map Editor Application Format
Requirements to know before applying:
- You must have a minimum of 100+ hours on Garry's Mod.
- Your steam profile, games, and friends list must be set to public.
- You must have at least 15+ hours on at least one server on the network.
- You must have access to a microphone. You are not required to use it in-game, but you must use it before or during training if you are accepted.
- Anyone under the age of (15) will not be accepted.
- You MUST join our public discord and support discord.
- You MUST join our steam group.

This is the DEVELOPMENT SECTION. If you are here APPLYING FOR STAFF for one of our servers, please post in the CORRECT section.

This information is absolutely required when filling out an application for map editor. Be truthful, or your application will be denied.

You should ensure that you have a decent length and detailed response to each question. Please be sure to differentiate the questions from the answers by making them bold, coloring them differently, etc., but substance matters more than style.

- What is your SteamID and Steam Name?

- Why do you want to be a map editor for our network?

- Why should we pick you over other applicants?

- How many hours do you have on one or more of our servers?

- Are you familiar with GMOD tools such as the ttt weapon placer, the prop placer, etc?

- Do you have any history of map editing on our servers or another community?

- What time zone do you live in?

- How old are you?

- How much time can you dedicate to being a map editor?

- Do you have good communication skills?

- Do you have a mic?

- Are you able to be contacted throughout random times of the day? If so, how?

- How much experience do you have with GMOD as a whole?

- Do you have experience with editing maps?

- Do you know how to extract Garry's Mod add-ons?

- How many warnings, if any, do you have, and for what?

- Do you have a history of being banned on any of our services?

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