So I am going to be doing a CUSTOM PLAYERMODEL GIVEAWAY and a VIP giveaway.

Requirements: must be at least a regular *15hours* on the server.
You can only pick 1 number.
You cannot use the same number as someone else.
make sure you are in the [sg]support discord.

How to enter?
Pick one number from 0 to 100
Reply to this thread with your steam id steam username and number.
[optional] Favorite anime, song, book, and sport =D
You have until Friday, December 20, 5 pm est to enter and the winner will be picked at 8 pm. 
winner will be chosen whoever is the closest.



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I give the number.. 65 Jack (STEAM_0:1:57256848)
Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:157705564
My number is 69 obviously.
I don't watch anime <3
Favorite song is probably a song
Favorite book is idk
Favorite sport is I'm nonathletic 
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42.0 of course.
Username is Willay / SteamID is STEAM_0:0:68230639
Favourite anime is probably Cory in the House, That's so Raven coming at a close second.
I can't say I really have a favourite song. I guess Despacito for the memes.
My favourite book is probably The Streetcar Named Desire.
Difficult to say what my favourite sport would be. I don't watch sports at all, so I suppose I'd say weightlifting would be my favourite sport/physical activity.
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Eyy, giving this a shot, too! Katsu bein' all generous and everything...so cool ngl '3'
Name's ChaosLove
Picking number...37!

My favorite anime is Saiyuki. It's a series based on the journey to the west story, and is my favorite modern interpretation.

My favorite song is probably Everybody Loves Me by One Republic or We Are Young by 3OH! 3, both of which I associate with favorite characters.

My favorite book is Adam of the Road by Elizabeth Janet Gray Vining, a story about a boy whose father is a travelling minstrel and his journey to reunite with that same father while learning the trade himself.

And my favorite sports are volleyball (playing) and soccer (watching). :3
Number: 72
Steam_ID: STEAM_0:1:45199172
Username: Valen

Favorite Anime: Full Metal Alchemist (Brotherhood)
Favorite Song: Don't have one
Favorite Book: Any book in the Warrior's series
Favorite Sport: American football
give me ur shit thanks

number: 27
steam id: STEAM_0:1:60308634
username: Andrew

fav anime: gintama, fuck all that went to a new world shit, fuck you sao for starting that
fav song: Ticket to the Moon by elo, beethoven and mozart can't contest
fav book: literature should burn
fav sport: baseball, go astro's
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