Spray Guidelines
1. Do not spray music/video sprays in inaccessible areas. This includes spraying in spectator. Doing so after receiving verbal warnings may result in a spray ban.

2. Do not spray sexist, racist, anti-religious or offensive sprays. This includes sounds. Failure to remove the sprays after being verbally warned, you WILL be spray banned.

3. Do not spray pornographic or sexually suggestive sprays. You will be permanently spray banned without warning, depending on the severity. It is not tolerated under any circumstances.

4. Constantly respraying a spray to be annoying isn’t allowed. You will be verbally warned, and possibly spray banned.

5. Do not use sprays as a method of advertising your server or social media. You will be spray banned immediately, with the possibility of receiving a permanent spray ban depending on severity.

6. Do not spray excessively loud or annoying sprays! Failure to remove sprays deemed too loud or a nuisance to other players will result in a spray ban.

7. Sprays depicting Child Pornography, Explicit Art of a Child, or Suggesting Sexual Acts with Children WILL result in a Netban!

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