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Second Chances

Second chances. Everyone wants them but some aren't given them.

In the case of
Gucci's Gaming (or Smithtainment, whatever you'd like to call it) I've been given s second chance. Frankly it shouldn't have been given to me.

As most of you know I had gotten myself info a pretty terrible place with this community. Through my massive fuck up regarding my server and abducting Guccis players, I'm being given that second chance. But why?

The thing I love most about this community, is that even through insane , hectic, pointless situations like this,
forgiveness can still be found. Second chances are important, lots of people don't deserve them or frankly fuck them up.

While like I said, I don't deserve this,  
I'm not going to mess up this chance I've been given. I've said most of what I needed to in my appeal, regarding apologizes, thank you's, and the whole story laid out, but I just want to say thank you, to everyone.

Me being given
this opportunity means so goddamn much to me, I don't want people remembering me through my actions regarding my netban.

I plan to
come back and continue to be apart of the community through the reversal of my netban. You all will most likely be hearing from me and seeing me on the server very often in the coming days.

Once again, thank you, especially to
Filter who I forgot to actually mention but he's been the one to help me through all of this shit from day one. So I'll end it here, I just want everyone to know that I'm not going to blow this, and however long it takes to rebuild the reputation I once had, I'll do it. Thank you again.
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I've had 3 chances, just sayin ^.^
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