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State of the Network #1 | 9/15 - 9/29

First Edition:
This is the first edition of ‘State of the Network’, a bi-weekly newsletter designed to keep you, the users and staff of the network informed. Yes, this is basically ripping off the State of the Union address that the President gives every year, but it serves the same purpose, so it has the same title. If you want to submit a story to the newsletter, please contact Reeb, as he will read all of the stories given, and if it pertains to the network over the bi-weekly period, then it will be considered.

Thanks for viewing, and let’s get on with the news.

Minecraft Survival Server:
If you haven’t seen the forums polls or Filter’s latest forums change, then you probably didn’t know that the newest server to the Smithtainment Servers List was a brand new Minecraft Survival Server. The release date is still indeterminate, but the polls are in, and Survival had beaten Towny and Factions, with Survival at 22 votes (61%) and 14 votes (39%) for Factions. Staff applications are open, yet it is uncertain when the server will even be accepting or denying applications. More info on the potential application review or the server’s release date will be posted under the announcements section on the development site.

Developers Needed:
Developers are needed to help around the network, from doing things like coding the forums or game servers. Reeb is willing to teach anyone how to code, as they are passionate about learning and are not afraid to fail. Forums moderators are also desired and game server staff may also apply to be forums moderators. Please contact Reeb if you are interested.

New VIP++ Rank:
GucciCarry, the network owner, recently released a new rank called VIP++ to the Modded Minecraft TTT server. It blocks ads, gives the person a new material command to change their appearance in game, and has video sprays. If you are interested in purchasing the rank, please visit our store, which can be found on the forums header.

Server Staff Outlines/Timelines:
There is nothing more interesting than seeing how our network has been shaped through graphs and timelines. The idea to create a list of staff that were on a specific server started on the Vanilla server with the head-administer, scrubpokeguy, posting a list what staff were
present at the beginning of 2017, and which is there now. Modded Minecraft TTT server moderator, Roadsguy, took it up a notch when he posted a Google sheet of server staff changes in a graphical way. I have never been so impressed with a Google sheets before, ever.

[Image: VDtxucp.png]

Whenever you see an advertisement, remember that someone took their time to come up with the idea to make it. 2OP4U posted some of the advertisements that she made for her Advertising and Marketing class. Don’t egg-nore this article, because we are cracking the surface of this egg yoke. Great job with the puns!

[Image: B6C8jP7.jpg]

Did we miss anything, submit an article to this edition or future editions!


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xD Kris a Global, what a fag.
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Did you screenshot one of the least colorful places in the timeline just to have your name in it? ;P
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Shhhh, nobody needs to know...
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Can you add a section that kinda updates the staff teams? People always leave and join the staff so I never know what's going on it'd be super helpful.

Like idk for example

vanilla ttt:

the spreadsheet was made and that cleared up a fair amount of things, but like this could be more current.
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