4th Year Anniversary
The network is 4 years old today. Absolutely insane to me that it's been 4 years since the servers first started. We've came a long way. I've made many friends and many enemies along the ride. I'm sitting here right now thinking to myself how much work has been put into this network and it's mind blowing to me. How much work has been put into this project not just by me but by the staff teams throughout the years. I do get a bit sad sometimes remembering old times but it is what it is. Honestly thank you guys so much for making this all possible for me. Without the players and the staff it simply wouldn't be possible. I will continue to do my best to provide you all with a good place to call home online for as long as I can.

Thanks for being part of this network. I really do appreciate it. If anyone has any memories they'd like to share feel free to do so. I know there's still quite a few members in this community who has been around for a very long time.

And to the people who keep doubting me and my network staying online. Kindly screw off. You've been proven wrong time and time again. You know who you are.

Onto year number 5.   
this server sucks
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4 years of this shit show? damn we are getting old, congratz gucci you have made the server last longer than joe's
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Moat is better
Lmao we're getting old af hitman, sucks to say
why have i known you for 5 years
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I still remember the one-year anniversary message on the old Vanilla TTT server!
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Here's to many more! Big Grin
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I love how the server's anniversary is the day after my birthday lol
Now on a serious note:
I know I've only been here since the middle of May, but by far this community is one of the best I've been in.  My mind was in a dark place back in April-May, but this place helped me go through it.  I've gained many new friends here, which was something I needed.  New people to talk to and move on from the bad times.  Now I'm pretty happy with where I am currently.  I am grateful for the people that I talk to everyday and so on, even if you are an asshole to me *Kappa*  Thank y'all for existing.   I'm glad that I am apart of this community. Big Grin


Now I am gonna be judged cause of this message.... grrrreeeeeeaaaaaattttttt
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