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Lightman's Application

- What is your Minecraft User Name?

- Why do you want to be a moderator on our server?

It's been a long while since I've had an active Minecraft Server to play on, and since this one is lacking in staff since it's so new, I figured I would like to volunteer my help in keeping it a nice server to play on.

- Why should we pick you over other applicants?
I've been playing MC for quite a while, and know the ins & outs of the game quite well. I'm also pretty good at technical stuff if you need help with that, although I'll admit I haven't actually done much in the way of java. I'm also quite the stickler for the rules, and it really does annoy me when people intentionally break them at the detriment of everyone else's fun.
- How many hours do you have on the server? You can find this by using the /playtime command in-game.
The "/playtime" command does not work (my guess it that you forgot to give normal players permissions for it), but if I had to guess I've probably played on the server for about 15-20 hours so far.
- Do you have any history moderating in the past? If yes, why did you leave that position, and what was the most challenging part of it?
For about a month I was a Moderator on the SocietyCraft MC server, until it got shut down due to the owner having a major life change (I think he was going off to college or something along those lines). There wasn't anything particularly challenging about it, mostly because the server was well-staffed and thus anything properly problematic rarely happened.
- What time zone do you live in?
Eastern Time
- How old are you?
- How many hours a day can you dedicate to moderating?
On Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri I can only be on for about 1h before I need to leave for work, but I can be on for 4-5 hours (or more) on both Wednesdays & Sundays.
- Do you have good communication skills?
I'm not the best, but I can definitely say I have enough to get by. My grammar is certainly better than most at least. Wink
- Are you able to be contacted throughout random times of the day? If so, how?
Most days, yes through Discord. Unless I'm doing a job at work where I don't have a computer I'm able to pull up discord on my work computer, although I can't always respond instantly when at work as the notification sounds are muted. When I'm not at work though, I will always have my phone on me, so I'll get the message and respond as needed.
- How much experience do you have with Minecraft and our server rules?
I've been playing Minecraft since I was in high school, so I'm extremely familiar with Minecraft and how it works (I sometimes spend my free time working on random datapacks just for the fun of it too). As for the server rules, I made sure to read them so I'm about as familiar with them as would be expected of the average player, and the more general smithtainment-wide conduct rules are more or less drilled into my head from my brother (MagikHorse) constantly yelling at people on the TTT servers for breaking them.

- Are you willing to punish your friends if they break rules? Explain.

I would like to think that none of my friends would be the type to break the rules, but should that happen... well the rules are the rules, I would make sure to follow the proper procedures for enforcing them no matter who was breaking them, and if they're a friend of mine I'll just need to make sure to throw in a free scolding while I'm at it.

- Do you handle frustration/stress well? Explain why.

I would like to say that I can handle frustration/stress fairly well. It would take quite a bit more than what this job could achieve to properly piss me off, and even should that somehow manage to happen... well I know when to back away from the situation and take a few minutes to cool off.

- How do you respond to fellow staff abusing their powers?

This is one of my pet peeves actually, so if I ever heard of/saw a staff member abusing their powers I'd make sure to go through the proper channels of reporting the problem as soon as I reasonably could.

- Please include any more information you feel makes you unique from the crowd.
I'm fairly familiar with the Minecraft commands system (and as mentioned previously, I have fun fiddling around with datapacks, which are basically just a long line of command blocks in a txt document). I also had a server of my own at one point (although it didn't really last long), so I know enough about configuring plugins to get by should you ever need emergency help/bugfixing on that front.
This is also slightly unrelated, however I have recently graduated college for a B.S. in Game Design, so that's something cool to know about me, and it does occasionally come in handy when analyzing game situations.

Wizard, game designer, and watcher of anime. Big Grin

As Lightman's older brother and ex-Admin of Societycraft (and the only one to have the copy of its map... somewhere), I can confirm everything related to that server, even though Societycraft's server has been dead for years now.

Still, I know my brother can keep a cool head when it matters and keep things fair for everyone involved, and I'm glad to finally see a spot for him to fit into here in the Smithtainment community. Perhaps I'm biased, perhaps I just know he's a good fit, but either way I
+Support this.

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