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Global Mod Missing Permissions Report Except it's 7 Months Overdue

List of Perms Missing for Global Mod

1. Reports are not seen by my role on any server.

2. Spray bans, removal of other people's sprays, or premium sprays (webm, youtube, music/gif on PH) cannot be performed.

3. Targeting is broken on Deathrun.

4. This one's rather minor but I'm missing a rank colour in Prop Hunt, as well as my rank doesn't show up in the chat.

MCTTT Head Moderator

Deathrun Moderator

Global Moderator

[Image: LbOOwXU.jpg]

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Report Number: 3921-1753

Tracking Updates: Recieved Task... (0%):

See, this is why you make a post instead of nagging at us in discord.

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