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If you haven't already noticed, the forums have finally surpassed 10,000 replies. That is an incredibly large number of replies. It's been a bit since our last milestone, so this is a great way to gauge how the community has been performing lately. The forums were made on November 16th, 2016 (If you want to see for yourself, I was the first registration right after the forums were made), and it is incredible to think that in 3 years we've grown to nearly 1391 members posting 1719 threads with over 10,000 replies. 

The Smithtainment Steam group also recently surpassed the old Gucci's Gaming Steam group with 1,038 members. PropHunt blew by its expected user milestone too, with over 54,059 unique player joins logged on GameTracker. It's absolutely incredible, that almost 3 and a half years ago, this network was founded off of a single server, and today we have several servers running currently, with multiple servers planned and in development.

Oh, and I might be addicted to using gold font...
This is amazing to see the community grow since I been here for a little over a year now. I'm glad this community keeps getting larger in size everyday and we value everyone who is apart of the community. By far, this is still the best community I have been apart of since I started playing GMOD. I am glad to see the community is interacting with each other and staying involved. This is what all the communities need, and we are lucky to have the amazing people we have within the community.

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