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[Closed] [Vanilla PH] inventory issues

This isn't for me. I gifted my friend, Bacon Wrapped Grilled Cheese, a player model (skull kid), pet (crow), and hat (skull). But, when he equipped the hat, it disappeared from his inventory along with the other hat he had in there (baby head). He was having trouble with the forums threads and making an account so I filled it out for him. his discord is also @๒คς๏ภ๒คς๏ภ#1371.
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First I've ever heard of an issue like this, at all, you sure this is a thing? Out of the 3 1/2 years we've used pointshop 2 this has never occurred.

No response, so closing topic, re-open if need be.

A developer has marked this thread as closed. If the problem still persists, please create a new thread regarding the issue.

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