Upcoming Guns (MCTTT)
Figured I'd make a post regarding some of the upcoming weapons to MCTTT within the next few weeks or so. I'm not entirely sure how I'll be implementing these just yet. Was thinking possibly making gambling crates return and place them in there. I'll figure something out.[Image: xGmtpJo.jpg][Image: stv9kGx.jpg][Image: 15wJANH.jpg][Image: aUbmUpl.jpg][Image: 7IdTMQA.jpg][Image: VhpStlB.jpg][Image: YjLDaEy.jpg][Image: n283uRo.png][Image: 85YYiYm.png][Image: bA9TBbD.jpg]
This is epic.
Man, that one guitar-looking gun seems familiar.
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These are still going to be a thing. Honestly haven't had time to fully test them out. They need balanced and such. Might get a few people to hop on sometime with filter and I to get them balanced properly.

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