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[Closed] [MCTTT] Dementor T Weapon Bug - Attacking Traitors

So I've only tested out this bug once but when I used the new dementor manhack reskin, it started attacking the innocents and me as well. Not sure if this was an intentional change but I thought it was worth bringing to your attention. Tomorrow, I will test if it attacks my T-buddies, as well as get a recording of it happening. It wasn't just one dementor targeting me either. It seemed that all of them worked about the same. One thing that I thought was strange however was that it did 5 damage to me as opposed to the regular 15 damage it does to opponents.
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Pretty sure manhacks/the dementors deal damage based on where they hit your model (or at least I've been lead to believe so given how much damage they deal if they hit you directly in the face) so that might be explained by that.

The targeting of traitors is new though, and something that's happening on Anime too. Funny thing actually, because one of our other staff members shot a guy because the dementors weren't locking onto him and ended up killing him before being told that they don't work that way anymore.

Probably a bug with how the reskin's backend code emulates the original manhack's AI. It could very well be out of date. I will, however, forward this to Gooch as he is the one that added this in the first place.
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Anyways, the dementor reskin will be removed from the server after Halloween, so it won't be an issue in the long run.

A developer has marked this thread as closed. If the problem still persists, please create a new thread regarding the issue.
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