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[Closed] [PH] Jukebox

Since the Installation of the new Anti-Cheat was put into place, the Jukebox no longer plays music for the server or locally. Even after removing the Anti-Cheat, it still doesn't seem to work.  

The jukebox is incredibly old, so it really doesn't surprise me that the jukebox is broken. I doubt that the jukebox was broken by the anti-cheat alone. I'll probably find another one soon. Thanks for reporting this.
[Image: Xp5I2xF.png]

It would be cool if mods were given access to admin power in the jukebox, I wouldn't mine taking a look at the probable thousand of requests on there, including removing some that include a violation of some rules.

A developer has marked this thread as closed. If the problem still persists, please create a new thread regarding the issue.
[Image: Xp5I2xF.png]

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