Required Information
What to include: 

You must include "network unban" in the title of your ban appeal
You must include your Steam Name / Steam ID.
You must include a full/detailed description of why you feel you should be unbanned and why you were banned in the first place.
You must wait 30 Days if your appeal has been denied to 
reappeal. You may only appeal in this section twice.
If you post a troll appeal or mess around in this section, your account will be suspended and you can not 
appeal for it. Period.

If you have been netbanned, you must wait 30 days to be allowed to appeal. After 30 days have passed, you must contact Guushi or a Network Manager to be allowed to appeal. 

YOU DO NOT NEED TO MAKE ANOTHER ACCOUNT!!! You can if you wish, but all banned users have ALREADY  been given access. If you are having issues with posting an appeal, contact Guushi or a Network Manager for assistance.

If you have already been un-netbanned, you cannot reappeal

Specifics for Network Ban Appeals:

All staff and community members can post and debate their opinion on the thread.
 Guushi can accept or deny the appeal after a thorough discussion and debate has occurred.


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