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PropHunt Rules

Mic/Chat Spam: No using a voice changer, screaming, speaking over staff members or other users, being intentionally obnoxious in voice chat. Duration does not necessarily mean less punishment. Mic Spam is dealt the same whether it was 1 second or 15 seconds.

Racism/Hate Speech: No racism of any kind, does not matter if it’s towards yourself or other users that are fine with it. It will not be tolerated. Targeting an individual or group of individuals of a particular ethnic group, social status, sexual orientation, nationality, age, or religion is not tolerated.

Advertising: Promotion of other servers, websites, or services without proper authorization from the owner is against the TOS and is strictly prohibited. 

Unstuck: Do not use !unstuck/!stuck to get out of the map.

Illegal Spots: When a prop hides in a spot in which a hunter cannot reach or damage without a grenade is prohibited.

Ghosting: Please do not give away hints at a props location either as a dead prop or hunter without the consent of the prop.

Trolling: Actions that do not show the effort of playing the gamemode
correctly. Normally occurs to ruin the gameplay or hinder the staff.

Staff Impersonation: Do not impersonate staff members. We can tell if you are not staff.

Propblocking / Locking / Doorblocking: Do not intentionally block or hinder a user's access to specific parts of the map. This includes spamming 'e' on a door or placing props in front/behind doors to jam them/prevent them from opening.

Propkilling: Using a prop to kill either a teammate or opponent is strictly forbidden.

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