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Prop Hunt Give-Away!!!!

Steam Name: {Spookspacito} Willay

SteamID: STEAM_0:0:68230639

Applying For VIP+

Prop Hunt Server Hours: 48

Why I Should Be Nominated For This Rank: I can sing the entirety of All Star by Smash Mouth without having to look up the lyrics.

What this Rank means to me: It offers more commands than I have currently with VIP, which in turn can be useful with "moderating" without becoming a member of staff and there's no staff available. As someone who has VIP+ on Minecraft TTT before becoming staff, the commands I had acquired with that came in handy quite often, and having similar powers on prop hunt would most certainly be a helpful tool.
 This post was brought to you by the future leader of the Canadian Communist Party


Minecraft TTT Head Mod for three days
Deathrun Mod

Global Moderator

[Image: x19HPgo3CP.png]


[quote pid='8654' dateline='1523208814']
- In Game Name:
Jonathan Green

- Steam ID:

- Are you applying for VIP or VIP +:

- How many hours do you have on the Prop Hunt server:
21 hours

- Why should you be nominated for this rank:
Because i am a regular player on the server and I plan on continuing to play on the server!

- What does this rank mean to you:
It means that i am a trusted player on the server, and that i am one of the polite people there, and that new players can come to me for advice and problems they have.

Prophunt Moderator since 

    Jonathan Green

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