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[MEME} DarkRP Release Date

DarkRP Release Date

DarkRP official release date 2/23/18 6:30 P.M EST

After months and months of working on this server and planning how it's going to be designed it's finally ready to go (for the most part). Most of the changes that we are going to make will occur throughout the remaining time until DarkRP releases. Obviously we'll be making changes once it releases as well. I'm pretty confident in it's success this time around compared to the first time we launched a DarkRP server in early 2016. Even though we were just learning how DarkRP worked, the security issues it has, and the fact the staff team was a mess then, we still managed to keep a player base of 25-32 on for almost 4-6 months straight. We've really put a crap ton of work into this project so hopefully everyone enjoys it. It would of been finished sooner but I've been fairly busy with Youtube stuff recently so that's put me behind.

With that being said heres what's going to happen.....

We will be randomly choosing people for testing the server privately.
Your money/items etc will be wiped 1 day before the release of the server.
The final changes of the server will take place throughout this coming week.
The server slots will be increased a day before the server is released. I haven't decided the amount yet, most likely 25 or 32 for now.

If anyone is interested in getting in early donations for the DarkRP server you can do so here

The users that we let test we ask you to please report any and all issues (including exploits) on the development site. You can also give suggestions on there as well.

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