Forums Warning Procedure and Rules
Due to the breaking of the forum's protocol in certain threads, I have decided to begin using our warning system on the forums.
- Each user upon registration will have 0 points against their account.
- Each offense that a user commits will result in a certain number of points being added to the account. Some points decay, while others stay with the user permanently.
- There is no official way to appeal warns, as they are dealt by high ranking Forums Staff.
- If a user gains 10 points against their account they will be permanently suspended from the forums.
- Server Head-Admins can state whether or not certain server sections on the forums should have rules or not (Only applicable if not otherwise noted by a forums staff and Head-Admins can only do this to their server sections).

What are the differences between a forums ban, a network ban, and an account suspension?
- Forums bans are when an account is deactivated on the forums and is usually given to netbans or bots/scammers (Can be appealed).
- Network bans are when a user's account on the forums is banned, and their ingame accounts are banned as well (Can be appealed).
- Account Suspensions are permanent, and may not be appealed. The user is not banned from the discord or in-game.

How can I get points?
- Posting spam in a thread that doesn't permit spam (2 points).
- Breaking a rule in a server thread that is listed and enforced by server Head-Admins (2 points).
- Forums Misconduct (2-5 points depending on severity).
- Minor member and/or staff disrespect (2-5 points depending on severity).
- By posting a troll thread in a public and serious thread (5 points).
- Staff Impersonation (5 points).
- By posting a racist remark on the forums (10 points).
- Causing network drama on forums (10 points).

Members of the forums staff may change and/or modify this list without notice. Ignorance of these rules is not a valid excuse, and every registered user can and must be held up to these standards regardless of rank.

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