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Obsidian Changes for MCTTT

Recently, it has come to the staff team's attention that Obsidian seems to be a little too easy to obtain. It's been given out pretty freely to a lot of people. Obsidian is meant to be a rank for extremely trusted members and veterans of the community who the staff are willing to work with when it comes to the range of powers and community influence that Obsidian has. Thus, the requirements for Obsidian are being changed. Previously, a 350 hour requirement, two staff reccomendations from 2 Mods or above have been needed, as well as no previous bans or with the last ban ending a minimum of two months prior. This has been changed to: a 350 hour requirementminimum of 2 Moderator reccomendations, at least 1 Admin reccomendation, no prior bans or with the last ban ending a minimum of two months prior, and Head Admins and above have the power to veto the reccomendations and not give the person Obsidian. This is to further reflect and emphasize how important, difficult, and worthwhile Obsidian is to earn. It is given to those who are valued members of the community who the staff trust. This will not affect current Obsidians, only future members who seek to become Obsidian.
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