Developer Application Format
Requirements to know before applying:
- You need at LEAST minimum 100+ hours of playtime for whatever game you are interested in developing for.
- Your steam profile, games, and friends list must be set to public or viewable by friends only if you are applying for a game that is on Steam. If your profile is friends only you must add at least one higher up staff member to your friends list.
- You must have 15+ hours on at least one server on the network.
- You must have at least some knowledge towards a coding language. We are willing to teach some applicants the basics however if you show dedication.

- You must have access to a microphone. You are not required to use it at all times, but you must use it before or during training if you are accepted.
- Anyone under the age of (17) will not be accepted.
- You MUST join our public discord and support discord.
- You MUST join our steam group.
- ALL applicants will be given a test at the end of the training period. There is no set time frame on how long your training period will last.

This is the DEVELOPMENT SECTION. If you are here APPLYING FOR STAFF for one of our servers, please post in the CORRECT section.

This information is absolutely required when filling out an application for developer. Be truthful, or your application will be denied.

You should ensure that you have a decent length and detailed response to each question. Please be sure to differentiate the questions from the answers by making them bold, coloring them differently, etc., but substance matters more than style.

- What is your SteamID? If you are applying for a game not on Steam (Ex. Minecraft) please specify your username.

- How old are you?

- What is your timezone?

- Do you have any experience in coding? If so specify what language(s) you know and how well you know.

- Have you ever done development work for another gaming community?

- What type of gameserver are you looking to develop for specifically? (GMOD, Minecraft, Unturned, any server doesn't matter.)

- Which of our gaming servers do you have the most amount of hours on? Be sure to specify how many you have.

- How much time can you dedicate to development weekly?

- Are you easily contacted?

- Do you have a mic?

- Do you have a history of being banned on any of our services?

- Do you work well with others?

- Why should we choose you over other applicants?

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