New Donation Site ($50 REWARD!)
We're going to officially be using as the new donation site. I've been working on changing up all the packages to be more colorful etc. With this new site comes a new top donator list. Whoever the #1 donator is by May 19th I will give $50 worth of premium points to for absolutely free. That means you will get 30,000 premium points to do whatever the hell you want with. Please do not use the old site anymore use this one from now on. I will be updating all links regarding it soon as possible. But yeah, you have 1 month to remain the top donator on there. If you don't want $50 worth premium points I'm more than willing of giving you $50 total worth of donator stuff spread throughout the servers. Please report any typos or anything you notice in the packages as well. I tried my best to organize it the best I could.

And yes, you can give the reward(s) to whoever you want if you are the top donator.

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