TTT Rules

Written by Reeb, FilterShark, and Guushi
Effective immediately (12/16/18)

These rules apply for our MINECRAFT TTT and VANILLA TTT. These rules do not apply for ANARCHY TTT and TOWN OF SALEM TTT.

- Do NOT prop kill, prop launch, prop push or prop surf.  Even during the pre-round.

- Do
NOT RDM. RDM is defined by killing another player without a valid reason. 

- Killing on suspicion is
NOT allowed.

- Do
NOT camp or round delay.

- Do
NOT intentionally goomba stop. This is when you fall from a high place on top of someone as a method of killing them.

- Do
NOT false KOS as Innocent or Detective.

- Do
NOT excessively false KOS as a Traitor, as Traitor you are expected to kill players, not KOS players. However, if you are being attacked by a player or a player has evidence of you being a Traitor, you can KOS them.

- Do
NOT KOS your teammate. This is considered trolling and can lead to you getting warned or banned.

- Do
NOT Traitor-Bait (T-Bait). This is doing an action as an innocent player that makes it seem like you are a traitor. You CANNOT abuse this rule, however, if a player is shooting a random inanimate object or area, you must ask them to stop before KOSing them. EXAMPLES:
 - Randomly shooting in a crowd of people.
 - Randomly shooting at players.
 - Randomly shooting at areas where players could reasonably be.
 - Claiming you are a Traitor when you are an Innocent.
 - Claiming you just bought a Traitor weapon as an innocent.
 - Destroying the detective's health station.
 - Arming a Traitors C4 as an Innocent.
 - Pushing a player off a high ledge.
 - Sabotage of the Traitor tester.
 - Hiding unidentified bodies.
 - Intentionally not identifying bodies.
 - Throwing any grenade that (directly or indirectly) damage other players randomly without reason.
 - Saying you are proven without being proven.
 - Claiming you are in the Traitor room.

- Do
NOT aid the enemy. This is when a traitor aids the innocents through gifting weapons, refusing to kill them, or other acts that delay and ruin the game by harming the player's team intentionally. This can also be done by innocents if they refuse to kill a known traitor and aid them in completing traitor goals, such as by shielding them, refusing to reveal their traitorous acts, or other circumstances that intentionally ruin the game.

- Do
NOT force people to test (even as Detective), if you kill someone for not testing, or if you KOS someone for not testing you will receive punishment.

- Do
NOT change, modify, or omit any of the rules because you are Detective. 

- You
MUST give THREE warnings (with a pause duration of 3-seconds between each warning) before you shoot at someone or kill someone for following you.

- Do
NOT KOS someone for holding a Traitor weapon if they are in the pointshop or available in drops. Please be sure to check the pointshop to see which weapons are in there. (AWP, AK-47, Silenced TMP, Silenced M4A1, P90, etc.) Also please note that if a player kills a Traitor and picks up a Traitor weapon then they can not be KOSed as well. (MCTTT ONLY!)

- You
MUST warn your Traitor buddies before you throw explosive grenades, use traitorous equipment, or set off a Traitor Trap as they might walk into it unknowingly.

- Do
NOT KOS based on someone's player model. (MCTTT ONLY!)

- Do
NOT put bets/hits on other players in exchange for pointshop currency. (MCTTT ONLY!)

- Do
NOT KOS players for hiding the diamond ores or diamond block on the map ttt_minecraft_b5. It is a secondary way to win the game, it can, however, make the player suspicious.

- You
CANNOT KOS a player because they cannot spell INNOCENT backwards.

- You
CANNOT KOS someone for an activated T-Trap.

Rules are subject to change at any given time without warning. It is up to the server staff team to implement these rules and update their handbooks. Penalties will be handled on a server to server basis.

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