Global Server Rules

Written by Reeb, FilterShark, and Guushi
Effective immediately (12/16/18)

- NO usage of racial slurs in a hateful or otherwise disrespectful way. Softer variants of a slur are given a verbal warning. If continued, a permanent ban will be issued. 

- Do
NOT impersonate staff or players. This includes having a [STAFF] tag, [ADMIN] tag, etc.

- Do
NOT disrespect players or staff. Doing this can result in a ban without warning.

- Do
NOT chat spam or mic spam. EXAMPLES: Having music playing through your mic, singing into your mic, being obnoxious in chat or voice, shouting at your mic, having your volume up too high, sending repetitive messages with the intent to be annoying. 

- Do NOT deny players access to other parts of the map. EXAMPLES: Door Blocking (placing objects in front of a door), Door Locking (spamming “e” to prevent a door from opening), or Prop Blocking (placing objects in a corridor with malicious intent).

- Do
NOT ghost. This includes giving a living player information that they wouldn’t already know. This includes using third-party chat software or an in-game method to share information.

- Do
NOT self-advertise in a malicious way. This includes attempting to drive players away from our community by advertising another server or network. Does NOT include steam names (unless it is an IP address or an explicit invitation to join that server/network).  YouTube and Twitch are FINE as long as you aren’t spamming via voice/text OR if it’s not directly advertising another gaming network/discord. If you wish to advertise your YouTube or Twitch we have a discord in which you can do so.

- Users
MUST join with 3 consecutive English characters or 3 consecutive characters that can be interpreted in English (If a user has less than 3 characters then they must have a MAJORITY of acceptable characters):

- Ⓡⓔⓔⓑ
- ????
- Qǝǝɹ (
Only on gamemodes other than TTT!)

- 色调
- &$%#@
- …
- مسحة

- Do NOT exploit the map to get to areas that would be otherwise unreachable.

- Do
NOT exploit or abuse game mechanics and items. If you have found a possible exploit, report it immediately to a staff member or our support discord.

- Do
NOT intentionally disrupt or hinder gameplay.

- Do
NOT use third-party programs to cheat, hack, or abuse the mechanics of the game.

- This is an English speaking network. You
MUST speak and use English exclusively on our platforms. 

- Do
NOT abuse any commands that come with a rank you have earned/purchased.

- Do
NOT harass players or staff. 

- Sprays
CANNOT contain pornography of any kind, racial slurs, or otherwise distasteful content.

- Do
NOT intentionally leave the server to avoid punishment.

- Do
NOT post any links in chat. The reasoning behind this is because people can send out malicious links such as viruses/malware, porn, etc.

- All livestreams must have a 5 minute delay to prevent ghosting
IF you are streaming on our TTT or PropHunt servers. You do not need a delay on our current other ones however.

Rules are subject to change at any given time without warning. It is up to the server staff team to implement these rules and update their handbooks. Penalties will be handled on a server to server basis.

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