Why is there no report system in place?
In every ttt server ive been admin on, ULX has been enabled with reports. Why not here? it makes it easier for admins and players to get situations sorted. 

Ive heard people say it was because it was lagging the server somehow. How is this? is there no way to re-add it? idk where to post this or if there is a suggestions thread lol.
We did have one. It was removed for exploitation just a couple weeks ago. A new one will be added soon.
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i see. nice.
No it won't.

Can't know why you said that shit Willay. We removed reports here because you can access our public and support discord. We will not have reports here anymore thanks to discord.
If you need the links to discord, pm me. I'm not posting them here. 
i think you did not understand me lol. i mean inside-gmod reports.
We will not add this feature because

1. We have a discord server for a reason, adding two methods of reporting people is a waste and makes it less efficient for us to keep track of them.
2. Most gmod report systems ONLY work when staff is on the server. Since we have global voice chats (they aren't regional on the map), it is very easy for staff to determine who is breaking the rules.
3. The report system you are talking about is a report to internet report system. Many of these are out of date and don't work. Report systems like these are known to have memory holes or take up server resources unnecessarily. These are also problematic as we can't display information well for staff (plus most of these cost money that we need to keep necessary services up and running).
4. We had a system like this before, and nobody used it. Why have it if nobody even uses it.

TL;DR No we are not adding a in-game report system.
Ok, makes sense. I was only asking since it was good back when i was admin. Guess ill have to learn the new discord system.

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