Willay Commands (Version Report)
Willay Commands:

Created by Willay#0710

These commands exist as a module within the Ulysses Administration Mod. I do not own nor was I
affiliated with the creation of the Ulysses Administration Mod or any of its existing seperate modules.
All commands were built with pre-existing cmd nodes in order to properly coincide with the requirements
of the Ulysses Administration Mod. Commands within this package may use similar formats to other ULX
modules, but is never reused for monitary or commercial benefit. Any "plagiaristic code" is likely a

{This module is a Work In Progress. Many features are still needing to be added and tweaked.}

All rights for these commands are currently reserved by the Smithtainment Gaming servers. Any and all
bugs found with these commands must be reported. Visit our Support Discord: https://discord.gg/ThsctMC
and open a ticket if you want to report a bug, and I'll respond back as soon as possible.

Please note command exploitation for the use of crashing the server or general negative gain will result
in a network ban if not properly reported.

Current version: 0.01
-Construction is underway on respawn, version, thirdperson and teamswitch commands for Smithtainment. These will
be custom-made for our Sandbox server at this point in time. The next update will be made once these have
been added.

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